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BERG Elite 12.5ft Green In-Ground Trampoline + Safety Net

The Berg Elite 12.5ft Green In-Ground Trampoline Incl. Safety Net is a part of our new range of BERG trampolines and is no doubt boasting a fantastic spec!Being one of the safest trampolines you can purchase today, BERG’s Elite trampolines have a patented T-section that is bolted on to the base frame junctions, joining the base frame pieces together – creating one strong and sturdy structure. Durability is increase through the rust-protecting layers on the frame. A zinc coat is applied on top of the steel frame which helps the steel keep its strength by preventing rust from forming.In terms of safety for your children, the enclosure on a BERG Elite trampoline is secured to the enclosure frame by a screw on top cap, increasing the stability and strength of the enclosure net. A curved enclosure utilises the maximum jumping space with what is available on your trampoline, giving more room for activities!Protecting your children from the springs is BERG’s highest quality spring padding which measures 30mm in thickness to provide adequate cushion if your child was to come into contact with the edge of the trampoline. Another great feature is that the padding is 400mm in depth which covers more of the spring area when bouncing; decreasing the chance of trapped fingers or legs.Extra long twinsprings which have extra coils give the user the ultimate bounce-experience. This unique feature to BERG enhances the energy of the users to produce more bounce than regular sized springs. The Twinspring system also allows for 30% more springs than that of a standard trampoline of the same size – more springs means more bounce!

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