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BERG Elite 14ft Green Tattoo In-Ground Trampoline + Safety Net

Unique to the BERG Elite Tattoo model, the jumping mat now has a “˜tattoo’ design. Colourful images for games and activities are printed on to the jumping bed which can enhance the experience for younger children!Using their unique Twinspring technology, BERG have managed to attach an extra 30% of springs per base than standard for the respective sizes of trampolines. Not only this, but the twinspring technology includes longer springs with extra coils that produce more spring. Combining the two features of more springs and longer springs gives you one of the smoothest and highest bounces available with modern-day trampolines.Protecting your children from the springs is BERG’s highest quality spring padding which measures 30mm in thickness to provide adequate cushion if your child was to come into contact with the edge of the trampoline. Another great feature is that the padding is 400mm in depth which covers more of the spring area when bouncing; decreasing the chance of trapped fingers or legs.The frame features a unique T-connection on the base-frame junctions. Bolted down, the T-connections are patented by BERG due to their safety and ability to stabilise the trampoline to a high standard. A double coat of protection against rust is provided by a zinc coat on the steel frame which helps extend the life of your trampoline and prevents weakening of the frame.

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