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BERG Talent Sport 6ft In-Ground Trampoline

Ideal for those who do not want an eyesore in their garden, the Berg Talent Sport 6ft In-Ground Trampoline comes without the enclosure, giving it a subtle presence.Raised only 20cm off the floor, enclosures are not a requirement for the Berg Talent Sport 6ft In-Ground Trampoline. Therefore, it is easier for you to have a modern and reliable trampoline that does not stand out in your back garden.With a thickness of 17mm on the spring padding, your child has sufficient protection were they to come into contact with the springs or frame. A depth of 290mm covers the springs so that when the user bounces, the springs and gaps are covered to prevent trapped hands and legs. PVC waterproofs both the top and underside of the padding, extending its life and durability.GoldSpring Talent springs provide excellent bounce quality, giving your child a smooth yet elastic response when bouncing away!

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