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Bestway 22ft Power Steel Frame Pool Set with Sand Filter

As one of our BIGGEST pools, the Bestway 22ft Power Steel Frame Pool Set with Sand Filter surprisingly, takes only 30 minutes to erect with 2-3 people! Whether you want a pool for a casual swim or one for the entire family to splash around and have fun, then this may be the pool for you!Boasting strength and durability, the Power Steel Frame Pool Set is designed to last. Tri-techTM material makes up the liner, consisting of 3-layers for increased strength. A polyester mesh provides the strength behind the liner, whilst the 2 surrounding layers of PVC give it the waterproof characteristic and further support. T-connectors and C-clips are an exclusive feature to the Power Steel Pools which give the joints on the frame extra support.Included in the package are several accessories. To help increase the lifespan of your pool, Bestway have included a pool cover which prevents debris and leaves from contaminating the pool water as well as having drainage holes to prevent water pooling. A ground cloth protects the liner from the floor and potential puncturing from gravel. Easing access into the pool is a ladder which also protects the user and pool from injury/damage when entering and exiting the pool.A bonus feature with this pool is the sand filter which is designed to keep the water clean and increase your pool’s lifespan and durability. It does this through filtering out debris and leaves, which stops the build up of grime.

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