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Bestway 24ft x 12ft Hydrium Oval Steel Wall Pool Set

Our biggest steel wall pool yet, introducing the Bestway 24ft x 12ft Hydrium Oval Steel wall Pool Set which holds 24,738 L (90% capacity)!Ideal for family parties and a general swim, this oval pool has been designed to last and be large enough to facilitate such activities. Supporting the pool is a 16cm blue safety rail which surrounds the entire pool. 0.4mm reinforced steel sidewalls are also supported by premium 0.4mm PVC pool liner to make this Bestway’s most reliable and strongest pool design. Since the pool can be used 365 days of the year, a set-up time of 1 hour is quite staggering! Specially reinforced side legs also give the pool some extra support and structure to satisfy you with the standard of safety.Accessories are included in the package to increase the lifespan of the pool and help you maintain it to keep the pool to a high standard. The sand filter has a control valve to regulate functions such as backwash, filtration and rinse settings. Benefits of the Sand filter include removal of debris through use of the pool as well as the build up of grime which ultimately extends your pool’s lifespan and maintains its cleanliness. Integrated surface skimmers on the pool also help to remove debris and keep the pool water clean. A ground cloth protects the liner from the floor and potential puncturing from gravel. Easing access into the pool is a ladder which also protects the user and pool from injury/damage when entering and exiting the pool.

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