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Bestway 7ft 10 Splash Junior Frame Pool

The Bestway 7ft 10″ Splash frame Pool is quick and easy to construct using the steel frame with the PVC and Polyester side panels.This premium-grade pool material is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions including prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays, as well as chlorine, and is stress tested against the large volumes of water.If you need to make space in your garden or the weather takes a turn for worse then this pool can be simply been dismantled and store away until next summer.Made with strong steels frames and a PVC and Polyester outer wall. Holding the frame together are tough and sturdy T connector and C clips.To help prevent rust occurring and stop any accidents happening the PVC flaps are placed over connectors and clips.Latest Safety StandardsAs part of the European Commission’s new safety standards on domestic pools, Bestway are pleased to join the group of European experts writing the new safety standards for domestic pools, and we are proud of our pool range which meets these standards to guarantee a higher quality and safety level for above-ground pools in Europe.To ensure these standards of safety are met, Splash Frame Pools have a safety outlet valve system to prevent any entrapment when the pool is in use and we have also completed a tear resistance test of the Tri-Tech liner to ensure maximum quality. Large pools also come with a ladder as standard for easy and safe access in and out of the pool.This is an above ground pool and as a result is not suitable for building into the ground. Adult supervision recommended at all times when children are using pools.

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