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Bestway Flowclear 1500gal Sand Filter

Upgrading your standard filter pump to a Sand Filter from Bestway is a cost cutting way to ensure that your swimming pool is kept clean and tidy.This pump is exceedingly efficient and also environmentally friendly. This pump helps eliminate debris and dirt and helps prevents any nasty smells.Water is pumped through the silica sand, which only needs to be replaced every three years. This makes this pump more cost effect than the standard pumps, which you have to change the filters every two weeks. The dirty water is pumped through the water outlet, passed down the hosepipe and then pumped through the silica sand filter, removing all dirt and debris before sending the clean and hygienic water back into the pool via the inlet hose.Once the filter indicates that it is full of dirt and debris, cleaning it is fast and simple. All you have to do is turn the backwash valve to flush debris and the pump automatically flushes the dirt down the hose, turning the rinse valve and disposing of the grime and dirt in a suitable area.

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