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Bestway Flowclear 530gal Filter Pump

This 530gal Filter pump is designed to help keep a continued flow of clear and clean water.Compatible for use with Splash Frame Pools, 15ft Fast Set and 1215ft Steel Frame Pools.This pumps helps to eliminate any buildup of grime and prevents any foul smells.The filter cartridge helps keep the pool water hygienic and clear by capturing any dirt and debris and stops it from being pumped back into the pool water.This pump has two points to attach the hoses too. The inlet point pumps the water through the filter cartridge at a rate of 2006 litres per hour, collecting any dirt before pumping it back into the pool via the outpoint point.Tough clamps are used to make sure that the hoses stay attached when the pump is in use.The filter cartridge and hoses are included with this pump, meaning you can start using the filter pump right away. To help maintain the cleanliness of the pool water during the summer months, when you will be using your pool more frequently it is recommended that you change the filters at least every two weeks.The compatible filter cartridge for this pump is a Flowclear Filter Cartridge (II).Comes complete with an easy to use instruction manual.

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