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Bestway Flowclear 800gal Filter Pump

This 800gal filter pump from Bestway cleans the pool water of any debris and dirt that has built up to keep your pool looking clean and fresh and to help eliminate any odours.This pool filter is suitable for Bestway Streel Frame and Fast Pools from 15ft to 18ft plus Rectangular Frame and Oval Fast Set Pools.The filter pump helps to keep your pool water hygienic and clean by pumping out the dirty pool water through its filter cartridge. It comes with inlet and outlet points which connect to 2 separate hoses and are attached to different access points to the pool. The pump flow rate is 3028 litres of water per hour. The filtration system captures any debris and the cleaned water is then pumped back through the outlet hoses. The hoses are secured using clamps to make sure that they do not come loose.Included with this pump are 2 hoses and the filter cartridge (4.2 x 5.4inches).The filter cartridge is an important part of the filter system helping to capture any dirt or debris as the water passes through turning the dirty pool into a hygienic and clean place. In the warmer periods when you will be using your pool more regularly it is recommended to replace your filter cartridge every two weeks (compatible filter Flowclear Filter Cartridge II).Comes complete with an installation manual to help you through the easy setup.

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