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Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii Hydrojet Pro

Bathe in the extravagance of the Hawaiian resorts with the Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii HydroJet Pro! Its unique square shape allows up to 6 people to relax at once, whilst being spacious enough to enjoy the full extent of the massage jets and soothing AirJets.Whether you want to use it for spontaneous get-togethers, or just for a quiet, relaxing dip with the other half after work, the Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii HydroJet Pro allows you to enjoy the full Lay-Z-Spa experience all in one Hot Tub!Featuring an incredible 120 AirJets and 8 fully-adjustable HydroJets, you can enjoy the benefits of muscle massage and hydrotherapy, as well as relax in the AirJets which provide a weightless sensation; perfect for easing joint pain. Select to have either both running simultaneously, or individually – either way, you can tailor your spa experience to your needs and wants!Heating up to 40°C, the pump operates a rapid heating system of approximately 1.5-2°C every hour. This can be ran simultaneously with the Lay-Z-Spa massage system, allowing you to enjoy your bubbling spa for even longer without losing its heat! As well as this, you can also keep your water filtered whilst you are sat in the tub, keeping the water clear.Built from Bestway’s TriTechTM material, you are certain of receiving an inflatable Hot Tub with the strongest inflatable material available. A layer of polyester mesh is reinforced and protected on either side by a layer of PVC material which helps maintain comfort but produces a resilient and sturdy structure.The integrated ClearSoft Water Treatment System means you now have a choice between using Chlorine yourself or the built-in Salt Chlorinator System to keep your spa water clean, safe and comfortable. All you have to do is add salt & water and the in-built electrostatic system converts it into hygienic, chlorinated water. pH levels and alkalinity will still have to be monitored, as well as the addition of other chemicals when they are required (i.e. algaecide, clarifier, scale and stain remover etc.)

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