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Plum Deimos 5ft Metal Dome – Teal

This Plum Deimos 5ft Metal Dome has been designed on the classic metal climbing dome – ideal to help your child develop their balance and co-ordination skills for a fantastic healthy playtime. Your little one will adore climbing, hanging upside-down and practising their balancing skills on this metal dome.A stippled texture finish provides extra grip,

Plum Phobos 10ft Metal Dome – Teal/Purple

Add a splash of colour to your garden with Plum Phobos 10ft Metal Dome in Teal and Purple. Your children will learn to climb, balance and enjoy a healthy playtime on this geometric frame. It’s all fun and games as well as climbing centres being ideal for developing motor skills during physical play. They are

Plum Metal Climbing Dome

Plum Metal Climbing Dome is fully equipped for outdoor fun and adventure. Complete with metal climbing rungs, cargo climbing net, platform with fabric roof and a football target, what more could your little adventurer ask for!Climbing domes are an excellent way to help your children develop their balancing and co-ordination skills and enjoy and healthy

Plum Large Climbing Dome with Slide Blue

This Large Climbing Dome with Slide from Plum has a secure metal frame that allows your children and their friends to monkey around. It facilitates a great way for little ones to climb, swing and hang to improve co-ordination, agility and strength. As an ideal outdoor toy that combines adventurous outdoor with cognitive and motor

Plum Giant Climbing Dome with Slide Blue

This Plum Giant Climbing Dome with Slide is a great way to embark on adventures in the fresh air. Big enough for your children to invite friends over to joy in the fun, children will love the excitement of monkey around, hanging upside down and whizzing down the slide, so they can start the climb

TP Toys Explorer Climbing Frame with Platform and Den

With potential to grow this set whenever you wish, it makes for a great starter for your children to develop their skills whilst having great fun.Supplied with a platform and den as standard, you can eventually extend the playset with the jungle run or the crazywavy slide! Its compact size is perfect for most gardens