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Clearwater 1.5kg PH Decreaser

This pH Decreaser from Clearwater is designed to help your pH levels in order and help reduce the amount of alkaline in your pool water and making swimming in your pool more comfortable and reduce the risk of itchy skin and sore eyes.The recommended pH levels are between 7.2 and 7.6. When the pH levels in your water start to reach 7.6 then you will need to use the pH treatment. The pH balance can be altered by leaves, bugs, dead skin.Plain and simple to use, just dissolve the correct amount in warm water and then add the solution to the pool water, as close to the inlet valve as possible to ensure that it disperses evenly and to the best effects. It is recommended that you test the water again after 8 hours and if necessary alter the pH levels again.All warnings and instructions must be adhered to, which are clearly labelled on the packaging.

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