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Evostar 14ft x 12ft Oval Trampoline and Enclosure

The Evostar 14ft x 12ft Oval Trampoline and Enclosure is perfect if you only have a narrow space for a trampoline. The superior UK specification, which has been designed with the UK weather in mind, gives you a high quality trampoline at a budget price.Complete with UV treated, extra thick PVC spring padding which is securely tied to the frame, this has been designed to overlap the jumping bed further than budget trampolines so there is no chance of jumpers landing on any exposed steel frame or springs.The EvoStar safety enclosure has a double secured entrance system, comprising of zip and parachute clip. A distinctive innovation by EvoStar. The net material is made from a fine weave premium polyethylene, to protect your children’s hands getting caught or snagged.With the unique T-Section that connects the frame to the legs, which creates a stronger connection than the standard welded sockets that most trampolines come with. An added bonus with the T-Section that it allows for a faster assembly time.The trampoline enclosure is a key element to instil user and parent confidence for the safety of any age of trampolinist, once installed you will be completely assured by the knowledge that the jumping area is completely enclosed and secured. For added safety the 10mm thick wall on the foam sleeves provide a soft cushion against the enclosure poles.The enclosure sleeves ensure the net fits firmly against the poles for their full length, a far superior system to nets that are simply tied on at the top and bottom of the pole. A series of hooks secure the bottom of the EvoStar net around the circumference of the trampoline.This unique design means that the weather cover can be used on the trampoline without having to disassemble the enclosure. Simply unhook, raise the net a little and spread the cover over the mat and pads. Each 25mm enclosure pole is galvanised on the inside and outside, and connected to the trampoline with two robust u-bolt connectors providing maximum strength and support.The jumping bed (black circle) is a Grade A, American made, heavy duty Permatron polypropylene mesh mat. This is the highest grade mat available. All steel frame parts and enclosure poles and galvanised on the inside and outside to give maximum protection and life. The EvoStar 14ft x 12ft Trampoline and Enclosure is simple and easy to assemble, complete with full instructions and 2 x spring loading tools included (faster assembly time with a friend!).The trampoline should be placed on a flat, soft surface.We advise that no more than one person at any one time uses the trampoline. We also urge that an adult is present at all times to ensure maximum safety.For added safety, we recommend all Trampolines are securely anchored to the ground using our anchor kits.

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