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Hawk Moto 49CC Mini Dirt Devil Dirt Bike Red

***PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO TO EXPLAIN THE PETROL AND OIL MIX*** These Mini Moto 49cc Dirt bikes have rapidly become the most popular type of the Mini Moto thanks to their capability to be used nearly anywhere. These Scramblers have a fantastic ability to be driven and handle extremely well on uneven ground thanks if the front and rear suspension and bulky tyres which has meant that new world for the Mini Moto fanaticBuilt to a high standards of European safety, these Mini Motos have principal safety features that you do not find on all Mini Motos including, Safety Cut-Out with tether to enable the bike stop should the rider become unseated, fully enclosed chain that helps to make sure that your clothing or other items coming into contact with the transmission and front and rear independent disk brakes. The speed can be restricted for novice riders.The Mini Moto Small and light enough to be placed in the back of your vehicle and taken to be used anywhere at ease. At these prices all your mates can have one too so you can all have fun together.Safety NoticeHealth and Safety has decided that this type of Scrambler is only to be used by children 14 years and over. However because of its size and simplicity of use we are aware that this Mini Moto is very appealing and popular with children of a much younger age and we often get asked if it is suitable for children as young as 6 and under. As the capability and skills of younger children can vary greatly, the use by children under the age of 14 is therefore solely at the discretion of the parents/carers who will be in the best position to assess the experience and ability of their child. What we would stress is that whatever the age of the user that they wear appropriate protective gear and the bike should only be used in suitable places with adult supervision at all times.Used in the proper manner the Mini Moto’s are excellent fun and very safe.Features
: Speed can be restricted
: Safety Cut Out with Tether
: Range/tank: 35 – 45 miles
: Max. Load: 70kg
: Engine: 49cc, single cylinder, 2-stroke, air-cooled
: Fuel: 40:1 petrol/oil mix
: Fuel tank: 2L
: Start method: manual pull start
: Ignition: CDI
: Transmission: chain-driven (fully enclosed for safety)
: Brakes: front and rear independent disc brakes
: Material: a) Frame: steel. b) Bodywork: ABS plasticSpecification
: Engine Type – 49cc,single-cylinder,air-cooled,2stroke
: Starter – Pull start
: Ignition – CDI
: Transmission – Chain
: Upgraded Clutch – Automatic
: Max power – 2.1KW
: Frame & Swing Arm – Steel
: Front shock – Aluminium front shock
: Rear shock – Alloy rear shock
: Brakes – independent Front & Rear Disk
: Front & Rear wheel – Front: 70/100-16 Rear: 90/100-14
: Engine Sprocket – 14 teeth
: Seat height 60 cm
: Handle bar height 72 cm
: Overall length 125 cm
: Package Size L / W / H – 108 X 31 X52 cm
: Tank Capacity – 2L
: G.W. / N.W. – 23kg/19 kgTerms and ConditionsAll motorbike’s and quad-bikes can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Please wear appropriate safety equipment at all times when using bikes or similar machines. The use of any powered vehicle could involve the risk of injury or death. Please use these products in a responsible manner.The products that we supply are technical & mechanical products, which require mechanical knowledge and ability to use and maintain. A small amount of assembly is required, such as fitting the foot rests and adjusting the handle bars, the bike should also be checked before first use and then regularly to ensure all the essential bolts and fittings are secure and correctly adjusted. You should not purchase these products unless you have a good understanding of how to use and maintain mechanical products.None of the bikes we provide are “˜road legal’ and are not for use on the public highway. These bikes are intended to be enjoyed on private property. Use of these bikes on a public highway could result in criminal proceedings.The Following parts are not covered by the warranty on this item.
: Chains & Belts;
: Fairings/ bodywork (unless damaged during delivery. Photos required within 24 hours of receipt)
: Pull Starts or Inner Cogs;
: Clutches or springs
: Brake Cables, Disks and Callipers;
: Exhaust Pipes;
: Tyres, Wheels, valves and Inner Tubes;
: Spark Plugs;Any other parts of a similar wear and tear nature to those listed above and any part that has been damaged as a result of an accident, misuse or lack of maintenance.The Mini Dirt Devil Dirt Bike 49cc 2 stroke air cooled engine. Has an Alloy Pull Starter with a chain drive transmission chain drive. Front and rear disc brakes. The fuel tank has capacity of 2litres.

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