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Jumpking 8ft x 12ft Rectangular Trampoline

Offering optimal jumping performance, the Jumpking 8ft x 12ft Rectangular Trampoline can emulate professional trampoline experience through its shape and spring configuration. Multiple jump zones are produced from a rectangular trampoline – meaning they get an even bounce quality wherever the bounce, and not be pulled into the middle of the jump bed.8 pieces of high-strength galvanised steel are joined together by T-connectors to form a strong and rigid base. As the strongest frame designed by Jumpking, the 57mm/2mm galvanised steel legs support the user to a high standard due to their thickness and sturdiness. 4 W-shaped dark grey powdercoat legs are made from galvanised steel and have anti slip properties to increase safety for the user. The dark grey powdercoat helps to stop rusting, ultimately preventing weakening of the frame and extending the lifespan of your trampoline.Heavy duty galvanised steel springs perform individually by reacting differently to each bounce produced by the user. This feature, plus the spring length of 7 inches, work together to produce a more comfortable and higher bounce – simulating that professional quality. Protected by 10oz laminated vinyl spring padding, the springs are more protected from weathering and the rain, which could potentially weaken the springs and make them become dangerous. Cushioning the impact, the spring padding also helps to protect the user from injury caused by coming into contact with the springs or frame.Consisting of 8 galvanised steel poles, the enclosure provides a secure environment for the user to explore different games and routines, without the worry of safety. New improved XPE foams cover the enclosure poles and can soften the impact, should the user come into contact with the poles. Patented G3 shock corded rods help to secure the net and maintain its shape, being safer and sturdier than ever, you can have peace of mind when the user is bouncing away.Please note that this package includes a ladder.

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