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MSpa Bliss ELITE Jet Bubble Spa

Enjoy this spa-style hydrotherapy experience with the square-shaped MSpa Bliss! As part of MSpa’s Elite collection, the MSpa Bliss boasts both hydro jets and air jets; giving you the best possible massage.Constructed with Titanium silver Micro MSpassima Rhino-Tech fabric, Mspa have created a Spa with a material designed to be resilient and sturdy. On the top is a UV protection layer, with a PVC layer sitting under that. A laminated fabric layer is beneath that which consists of Fiber Derior 500D and is reinforced by a double sided coating. This Rhino-Tech liner makes your spa UV, frost and tear resistant and on top of this, Rhino-Tech material is 25% thicker than any other inflatable spa material on the market. A safety buckle features secures the lid to the ground sheet, keeping everything securely in place and well-insulated (with the inflatable bladder in place) when not in use.With 6 fully adjustable hydro jets, you can adjust the pressure and direction of the jets to suit your requirements. Along with the hydro jets, the MSpa Bliss also comes with 125 air jets to give you the relaxing weightless feeling which helps to lower pressure and relieve joint pain.With a built-in pump and heater, your MSpa Bliss looks the part and keeps size to minimum without having to accommodate extra room for a pump. Enjoy water temperatures of up to 42°C which can be controlled by the LCD touch screen on the side of the liner. You can also control the intensity of the bubble massage from the LCD touchscreen.For a more naturally sanitizer, the MSpa Bliss comes with an integrated ozone generator. This allows you to use 60-90% less chlorine/bromine for your sanitization as the ozone generator does this for you.

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