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Plum ORANG UTAN Wooden Swing Set

Your children will enjoy hours of outdoor play and fun-filled exercise with this exciting Plum Orang-Utan wooden swing set!This highly involving garden swing set features a soft feel climbing rope, double swings, 2 seat glider and a cargo rope ladder. All of these great features providing plenty of space for friends to join in the fun.The swings use soft feel ropes and heavy duty blow moulded seats for extra durability. The round pole premium FSC® certified timber is pressure treated and is extremely strong. The top bar is 100mm in diameter and the legs are 80mm in diameter making the frame of the swing set highly robust. Metal swing attachments encircle the pole so no drilling is required, maintaining the strength and integrity of the timber. The sturdy frame also has wooden cross braces giving the play set added stability. Parents can have confidence that their children are riding a high quality swing set, with safety standards of paramount importance.According to recent studies, swing sets help to “œpromote movement and perceptual skills, spatial awareness, general fitness, social interaction, mental representation, and sensory integration, including vestibular development (balance).”All of which helps aid your child’s development, and encourages a healthy lifestyle.

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