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TP Toys 10ft Genius Octagonal Trampoline

The TP Toys 10ft Genius Octagonal Trampoline has both the benefits of a round and rectangular trampoline. Thanks to the octagonal shape, no matter where the user bounces, they will get the same bounce response from every other part.Entering through the IGLOO entrance, the user has an easy yet safe enclosure to jump into. Usually if the zip breaks on an enclosure, the enclosure becomes unsafe as it is no longer secure, however with no zip, there is no worry! It also prevents the catching and snagging of clothes.Surroundsafe technology prevents the user from coming into contact with the springs. This helps to keep the user safe from trapping their arms or legs, as well as preventing damage to the springs or jumping mat. Spring padding covers the springs and the frame as well, which stops the user from causing injury by impact to the frame.Made from galvanised steel and “˜intelligent feet’, the frame on the TP Toys Genius Octagonal Trampoline is one of the sturdiest and robust Trampolines available – giving you peace of mind for your child’s safety.A ladder, weather cover and a shoe bag are also included with this Trampoline.

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