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TP Toys QuadPod Swing Seat

This incredible 4 in 1 swing seat is perfect for those looking for some diversity with their swing set. With fully adjustable extension ropes, the TP Toys QuadPod Swing Seat can be used with any of the extendable swing sets whilst the patented SwingSafe arms provided a straight-swinging motion in all four modes.Each mode is designed to help develop your child in strength and balance, with the recommended ages varying, depending on your child’s ability and development.Mode 1 – This fully supportive “œCocoon” style seat with moulded headrest is suitable for babies from just 6 months old. With a front tilting T-bar, you can sit or remove your child with ease form the seat. The adjustable 3-way safety harness must be used at all times.Mode 2 – Remove the moulded head rest at the push of a button, to create a bucket seat, suitable for children aged from around 12 months old. The 3-way safety harness must be used. The T Bar remains in place.Mode 3 – For children aged around 2 years old, the T bar can be detached completely to create an easy access, open bucket seat with safety harness.Mode 4 – When your child is ready, at around 3 years old, unclip the bucket seat from its base, remove the safety harness and the stage 4, full size swing seat is revealed.Fully adjustable extension ropes are supplied with the TP Toys QuadPod making it compatible with other extendable swings sets from TP Toys.The plastic surface wipes clean in seconds. It’s also easy to change from one mode to another and back again

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